When Peter Lochmann founded HEMISPHERE in the middle of the 1980s, the collection initially consisted of only a few sweaters, which were sold exclusively on the German market. Over time, the company has grown steadily, and the range now extends to a perfectly coordinated women’s collection of cashmere, silk, and wool, sold in more than 15 countries.

As experts for the luxury product cashmere, we are able to manufacture the highest quality of cashmere in hand-picked spinning and weaving mills. Owing to our close and well-established cooperation with renowned manufacturers, we can rely on the premium quality of the yarns supplied: cashmere from Mongolia, merino from Australia and cotton from Egypt are selected according to the consistently high standard and are examined during the regular on-site inspections.

Employing our self-developed innovative knitting and weaving techniques, we create striking and remarkable patterns which allow our products to meet even the highest standards. Each collection is comprised of a perfectly harmonious product palette, in which all colors and designs complement our unique signature pieces.