LOLA™ designs and creates beautiful, high quality, handcrafted pendants, charms, bracelets, cufflinks, rings and other jewelry which mark important moments in people’s lives. Bringing back the lost art of enameling, combining delicate colored glass hand painted and embossed over a sterling silver design, then forging them to 1,600 degrees, and finally hand polishing each piece, each pendant is one-of-a-kind just like the person who wears it. With meaningful symbols including angels, compasses, sand dollars, and more, many of the pendants also include inspirational words engraved into the back, further imbuing every individual piece with love.  LOLA is headquartered in the Boston, MA area, sold globally, and produced in a number of countries including Thailand where this process of glass enameling on metal goes back thousands of years. With this history of craftsmanship and care, LOLA’s workplaces promote economic opportunities for women and men, workplaces that are healthy, safe and joyful.

Lilith “Lil” Guerrera is Founder and CEO of LOLA Company, Inc., a company that designs and creates jewelry and accessories which bring meaning, inspiration, comfort and joy to those who give and receive.